Environment and sustainability

Altitude Meetings follow Swedish law and other regulatory demands from the authorities related to the environment. We are inspired by Sweden’s national climate goals, which we do our very best to contribute to. In 2021 we signed Malmö stads Klimatkontrakt. A contract between Malmö stad, business, the academy and the residents of Malmö to cooperate, share thoughts, ideas, initiatives and actions, all in order to reach the goal – a sustainable Malmö in 2030.

Altitude Meetings work continuously with finding solutions to complex challenges. Our network is a mixture of business people, scientists, politicians and other stakeholders, all wanting to make a difference – for real.

Altitude Meetings are proud to be tenants of a LEED Platinum certified house, STUDIO, at Nordenskiöldsgatan 24 in Malmö. We recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, food waste, batteries and other environmentally hazardous material.




• All employees at Altitude Meetings go by bike or public transportation when traveling to work.
• Those who drive prioritize electric cars (as far as possible).
• For meetings, both in the vicinity and further away, we almost always go by bike or public transportation.
• For activities or shopping close to the office we go by bike. We also have a cargo bike for shopping or other customer related activities outdoors.

• We always serve vegetarian food.
• All our contractors are obliged to (as far as possible) use ecological and locally cultivated food.
We do not serve beverages in PET or plastic bottles.
• In 2017 we were tap water certified by VA Syd and we serve tap water to our guests to avoid unnecessary usage of plastic.

Office supplies and consumables
• We only work with contractors that have a similar mindset when it comes to  what kind of products they use, for example cleaning products and office supplies.
• We make it a habit asking ourselves if printing on paper is necessary.
• When possible, we print material that can be used more than once for events and conferences that take place annually.
• The walls in our conference rooms are part printing boards in order to decrease the use of office paper.
• Notepads are only provided on request from the customer in order to avoid unnecessary use of office paper.
• For events with more than 100 participants we have a sustainability check list that is inspired by Malmö stads demands for a sustainable event.
• We advise all our customers not to use goodie bags or other unnecessary consumables.

Purchases – questions to ask
• What is our need?
• Is the product reusable?
• What can be used that we already have in-house?
• Is there an eco-labelled product available? If that is the case this is always our first option.
When there is a significant price gap, other options are considered.
• Where is the product made?
• How is the product wrapped?
• How will the product be transported?