Digital and hybrid meetings

Let us help you with your web or hybrid meeting!

With the corona crisis, a demand for optional ways to conduct meetings and conferences has become most urgent. Today there are many platforms for online meetings. Too often though, not even the best technology is enough to give you a good meeting experience. This is why you need our help!

Altitude Meetings are experts in content planning and digital facilitation. This means that we are there for you all the way from content planning to the completion of your meeting or event. And by engaging us you are securing a smooth experience – from start to finish.

Hybrid meetings – live and digital, at the same time
Lately, there has been an increased demand for optional ways to participate in a meeting, that is, physical or digital participation. By making the best of the technical solutions at hand we can make your meeting experience even better than if all attendances were in the same room. The online chat function is one way to open up for a parallel discussion. Some people might not be comfortable speaking in public but will use the chat function to get their voices heard. Recording the meeting makes it easy to go back and check what was said and decided upon.