Level Two

The Loop, Science Village, Lund
The Loop and Level Two is all about connecting science, business and culture. Level Two will be located on the second floor, inside The Loop building, in the heart of Science Village.
The Loop

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Work in a vibrant playful atmosphere that also allows you to work in peace and quiet. Our office spaces and co-working will have flexible desks and there will be a cosy lounge area.

Come together in our creative, flexible rooms for meetings, conferences, workshops, and events. Always with the tastiest fika!


Level Two Cooworking

Meetings that make a difference

Level Two is managed by Altitude Meetings. We provide workshops, moderate events, and give talks – as well as create content for your conference.

Conference rooms
• Conference room: 100 seats.
• Meeting space: 80 seats.
• Workshop rooms (x2): 20 seats.
• Meeting room: 14 seats.
• Meeting rooms (x3): 15 seats.

From 8 000 to 18 000 SEK (daily rate).


How to become a coworking member

There are many ways to join Level Two, find out what fits you and your business best.

  • Fixed desk 3 599 SEK/month
  • Flex desk 2 899 SEK/month
  • Lounge 2099 SEK/month
  • Day pass 159 SEK/day
  • Office space from 9 500 SEK/month

Coffee, tea and snacks are included. Free networking events, seminars and talks.
30% discount on all conference rooms.

We are aiming to establish a world-leading collaboration culture in Science Village. That’s why 10 out of 90 coworking seats will be free of charge, and ”paid” for by sharing knowledge.

Collaboration Arena

Altitude Meetings is a global impact creator and awareness promotor, with an extensive network. We strive to solve sustainability challenges and we know for a fact, that using our network, and collaborative methodology leads to the generation of groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions. This, in turn, leads to real change and helps your business grow at the same time.

Here science and business will be interacting for real. Sign up and become a part of our cluster of brave companies making a mark for future generations!


  • A workshop facilitated by professional workshop leaders, focusing on your company’s challenge.
  • An open seminar with your challenge in focus.
  • Ongoing work based on open innovation.
  • Business development startup meeting, 2 h.
  • Access to a network of entrepreneurs, researchers, leaders, politicians and more.
  • 1 free seat in our amazing coworking, Level Two.
  • Free conference rooms.

These memberships are limited to 10/year at a cost of 100 000 SEK/year.

Level Two

About The Loop

  • The Loop and Level Two are all about connecting science, business and culture. Gaining commercial benefits from the building’s unique location, the extensive network, and exciting cross-border collaboration.
  • On the ground floor, you will find Science Village Hall with a capacity of hosting 1000 people – a top-of-the-line space for concerts, events, seminars, and congresses.
  • 6 floors, 11 000 square meters of office and meeting space.
  • Opening in 2024.



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