We make a difference

Can we make the world a better place together? We say – yes we can!
In our in-house projects as well as when collaborating with other parties we engage in questions that concern creating a better society. So far our main focus areas are climate and democracy.

Our active projects

Conceptualization of places

We have worked with the conceptualization and development of new and rebuilt office buildings since 2015. Our work includes planning for the daily business, services, community building and activities inside the buildings as well as the surrounding areas. Read more about our thoughts and visions here!

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Altitude Academy

How do we help create a better society? We believe there are a few ground pillars. By creating new forums for exchanging thoughts on democracy and getting the right people together we enhance the odds of solving great challenges. We can try and affect people in power – and we can help the younger generation get strong and confident enough to become the leaders of tomorrow. One way of doing this is by giving them the right tools which we do in Altitude Academy. The leadership training is free of charge and there are monthly sessions for one year.


Since 2018 we have been working on behalf of Malmö city to create long-term relationships between elementary schools and the industry. This joined effort is called “Framtidskompis – youths and employers together = win-win ” and aims for students to get in contact with companies and organizations. By doing this the students will be given opportunities to learn more about business, different kinds of professions and get new role models. 11 elementary schools in Malmö create long-term relationships with 2-3 companies per school and interact for a few years through workshops, company visits, and seminars.