Instead of in Almedalen 2021

Last year we arranged #iställetföralmedalen and was awarded the prize for “Most innovative in Almedalen”. Among the participants were more than 200 players from the trade and industry, public and non-profit sector. This year Almedalen will go fully digital and we will broadcast top-class debates from our studios in Mamö from the 4th until the 7th of July!

We believe in transparency and open dialogue – this is a prerequisite for having an open, vibrant and democratic society. This year we put all our efforts into having an even more democratic, innovative and interactive societal debate!

This is a great opportunity for you to take your key issues a step forward – last years #iställetföralmedalen has more than 15 000 viewings! 

This is what you get:
Digital facilitator, technicians, and moderator on site. All technical equipment. We help to spread the word about your discussions and you will be part of the official program for Almedalen. Optional if you want to participate from your home office or our studio in Malmö.
Price: 45 minutes time slot, SEK 30 000  excluding VAT.

We are also offering our speaker, content, and moderating services.

Main topics to sign up for:
• Democracy
• Climate
• Urban planning
• Children’s rights
(More to come!)

Here you will find all the information in a PDF!