Awaken the activist within you.

People often ask about Altitude Meetings and what kind of company we are. On one side, we offer fantastic meeting rooms and all desired services for conferences and gatherings. On the other side, we are engaged in a persistent battle against all forms of climate denial, resistance to facts, inequality, social injustices, and the dismantling of democracy. How does it all come together?

What unites our two sides is the power of human interaction that enables change. A successful workshop generates numerous new ideas, a conference rallies all employees around a common goal, and a business initiative brings diverse actors together to address a societal problem, yielding unexpected solutions.


For us, activism means taking decisive action to achieve results quickly. This may sometimes involve unconventional solutions, but we are convinced that everyone stands to gain by thinking a bit more activistically. It has become a part of who we are, whether we are organizing a meeting for a client or creating initiatives in collaboration with various partners.

Like most thriving companies, we reinvest our surplus in our own operations and in our employees. However, the surplus from our meeting business is also crucial for our ability to take action on the issues we are passionate about. Everything is interconnected and reinforces each other in our ambition to create meetings that make a difference.

Feel free to learn more about our focus areas: Climate, Democracy, and conceptualization of places.